ISFI - Institute of Philosophical Studies

Studying Philosophy in Lugano

a bridge to Europe and a door to the world


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The most international Italian-speaking Bachelor in Philosophy worldwide

We offer an ideal teachers/students ratio (one teacher each three students)

We offer scholarships awarded on the basis of merit and family income

Most of our teachers are full professors (78%)

We offer affordable accommodation in a University College

Our professors publish in the best journals worldwide

Our curriculum covers both traditional European and contemporary Anglo-saxon analytic traditions

Our curriculum covers both on philosophy and its applications

Excellent students' evaluations of our courses and seminars

Our academic staff includes internationally recognised scholars based in London, Paris, Geneva, Fribourg and from some of the best Italian universities

We also offer combined degrees, such as in philosophy, communication sciences and economics, that allow students to attend M.A. programs in philosophy but also in other disciplines

Corsi, convegni e conferenze in evidenza

Filosofia e felicità. Dante come specchio dei dibattiti scolastici del suo tempo
SA 2018-2019 - Ects: 1.5


Mente e persone
SA 2018-2019 - Ects: 3.0